Saturday, 29 May 2010

Life After Vinyl - Art Exhibition

Life After Vinyl - Art Exhibition

Venue: 'sell me your socks' gallery, 77 Dublin Road, Belfast, N.Ireland
Dates running: from 28th May 2010 for a couple of weeks

The opening night of the second show at one of Belfast's newest galleries took place on Friday 28th May 2010. The 'Life after Vinyl' exhibition at the sell me your socks gallery, 77 Dublin Road, Belfast was a great success, fuelled by an ample supply of free booze!

With work on display from a diverse range of local artists and also from further afield, the totally open theme allowed for an ecclectic mix of artistic interpretations and expressions.

Indeed some may view it as sacrilegious to paint on vinyls, but in today's pro-environmentalist culture where recycling is embraced some even raised their game for the show to hear tell - paint on a Pink Floyd 'pink' edition vinyl.

Whatever you think about the recording artists concerned, it makes you consider the concept of change. By banishing the past everything is enabled to move on and appeal to an audience in a new way for today - creating vinyl's that no longer delight the audible senses but the visual.

But that's enough of philosophy - here's a selection of the vinyl's on display at the show:

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